Does trauma get passed down from one generation to another?

In Susan Cain’s new book, Bittersweet, she briefly discusses epigenetic research and how we pass down trauma from older generations to younger ones. In studies of multiple generations of mice, those who are exposed to trauma can pass down trauma to their offspring and beyond, even if they don’t raise the mice as their own.

An Amazingly Meaningful Family Gift: Family History Memory Game

Are you wondering what to get for children, grandchildren, parents or even grandparents this holiday season? Look no further! I have the perfect idea that can fit every budget and that’s bound to be a hit. It’s a Family History Memory Game. No holds barred, the year that I gifted this to my parents andContinue reading “An Amazingly Meaningful Family Gift: Family History Memory Game”

Valentine’s Woven Paper Heart Template

I’m all about the family traditions, so when I was writing about my Danish heritage and the paper hearts we like to make to put on the tree, I realized how cute a Valentines day paper heart craft would be for putting candy inside! You can download my free Valentines Paper Heart template here (makeContinue reading “Valentine’s Woven Paper Heart Template”

Danish Christmas Traditions

I expect that most families light up with joy when you ask them what Christmas traditions they enjoy. Something about this season is absolutely magical! Traditions make me feel so connected to people, both past and present. My grandma comes from the “old country” and she and my dad made sure we valued and understoodContinue reading “Danish Christmas Traditions”

To Love in Memory: Old Yearbook Photos

This quote feels like a huge guilt trip, am I right?? We let little frustrations about people sometimes obscure the love we feel for them. I think especially it can be hard to do this with the elderly or family members who we do not feel we have much in common. For years I feltContinue reading “To Love in Memory: Old Yearbook Photos”