Comparing Book Sizes for Family History Projects

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When it comes to preserving your family history, choosing the right book size is essential! Not only does it dictate the layout of your content, but it also plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic and feel of the final product. In this post, I’ll compare and contrast three popular book printing sizes: Square 10 x 10, Landscape 11 x 8.5, and Portrait 6 x 9, to help you make the best choice for your family history book.

1. Square 10 x 10

Perfect for: Photo-centric family histories, coffee table display pieces.

Pros: This size offers a balanced look, making it ideal for both text and images. Its symmetry ensures that photographs, especially those in a square format, are displayed without any cropping or adjustments.

Recommendation: For those looking to capture memories through images, companies like Chatbooks and Printique specialize in this size and offer high-quality prints that will do justice to your cherished family photos.

Check out my 10 x 10 book template!

2. Landscape 11 x 8.5

Perfect for: Panoramic photos, family tree diagrams, and timelines.

Pros: The horizontal layout is great for showcasing landscapes or group photos where you want to fit many family members without compromising on detail. It’s also a preferred choice for those who want to include detailed family trees or timelines that span across the page.

Recommendation: This size works well when you have a mix of text and images, offering a cinematic feel to your family history narrative. Check out my 11 x 8.5 book template!

3. Portrait 6 x 9

Perfect for: Traditional storytelling, biographies, cookbooks, and memoirs.

Pros: The vertical orientation of this size makes it the go-to choice for those who are focusing more on textual content with interspersed images. It gives a classic book feel, making it perfect for detailed family stories, biographies, cookbooks, or memoirs.

Recommendation: If your project is text-heavy with occasional images, this size offers an elegant and professional look. Check out my recipe book template!

Selecting the right size that complements your content. Whether you’re focusing on images, text, or a mix of both, there’s a size out there that’s perfect for your project. Remember, the goal is to create a timeless piece that generations can cherish, so choose a size that resonates with your vision and tells your family’s story in the best possible way.

Don’t see the ideal size for you in this post? Did you know I create custom book templates for people who need a special size?

If you’re searching for family history book ideas or need design assistance for these sizes, reach out! I’m here to help bring your family’s legacy to life in print.

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