The simple trick that saved me hundreds!

Have you ever gone to the grocery store for food but forgot to make your list, AND you’re not sure what food you have at home? Or ever returned home from the grocery store with a flat of canned beans only to discover you actually had more in the basement?

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Stop the madness!

It’s not rocket-science, but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on food to do this one simple trick. It’s called food inventory. Just simply go through your pantry, freezer, fridge, and other food supplies and make your list! Boom.

Remembering to do a food inventory can be hard though, which is why I put it straight into the monthly section of my life planner.

It’s a simple habit that will have you thanking yourself over and over again. Cross things off your list as you use them up, then you know you need to re-stock and add it to your grocery list! Or just let it run out but then revisit your old food inventory list from the previous month to remind yourself of some staples that you had on hand.

Meal planning is a breeze if you have the food inventory in your planner because you don’t need to go through your pantry to look at what’s there when you’re doing the meal planning! Genius.

This past week using my food inventory, I was able to meal plan and bulk food-prep frozen taquitos, berry smoothies, and shredded chicken to empower my family with healthy meal options right when we are hungry.

Taquito meal prep! These are ready to go in the freezer and be reheated whenever I need them.

So, are you skeptical? I bet you’d like to save some money on your grocery bill next month. With my weekly and monthly life planner you will always have a monthly reminder to do food inventory, and the planner is small enough and lightweight enough to carry in your purse.

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