Custom Family Tree with Pictures

a four generation pedigree family tree image

Family history is one of my passions, so I have spent a lot of time and energy figuring out the best ways for me to fill my home and life with curated memories of ancestors from the past. Without a doubt, pictures are one of the best ways to teach children and family members about where they came from!

I create custom four-generation (or less) family trees with images that can easily hang on the wall of your home. This kind of wall-art is a major conversation starter, and a reminder of your family roots! It also makes for an excellent gift at Christmas time to family members or parents.

How it works

If you purchase a custom family tree with pictures, I will ask you to either share your FamilySearch username and Helper Number with me so I can see your tree and grab pictures from there, or ask you to upload images to an online file folder with firstname_lastname and a picture of the pedigree with names. Once you sign off on the design, I send you a digital file that you can print as many times as you want and frame for your home or to give as a gift to a family member.

If you would like I can also print it and ship it to you for an added fee, but you’ll still receive the digital files. I recommend printing it for a 16 x 20 picture frame, but the file should look good at any size depending on the quality of the family pictures you have provided.

After I’ve finished seeing your FamilySearch tree and using your pictures, I will remove myself from viewing your FamilySearch tree or delete any images you have put into the online folder so that I do not retain access to your files.

I can complete orders quicker with trees and files that have complete information and with clear communication, but turnaround time should be about a week.

Customization Options

four generation pedigree chart with pictures

I also can customize the following:

  • color scheme,
  • font,
  • landscape or portrait orientation, and
  • location details.

In the tree you see above, you can tell that I have included outlines of the major places that my 4-generations-back ancestors were born or where they came from: England, Indiana, Idaho, and Denmark. It’s not always cut-and-dry when it comes to where family members come from, but it certainly adds some visual detail and interest.

I would love to help you create an heirloom piece that will be a part of your home! To learn more, visit my shop to see the details of the custom family tree with pictures.

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