Of Memories and Time Machines

The well-known science fiction writer, H G Wells wrote “The Time Machine” in 1895. If I’m being honest, I never read it, but I do remember watching a Wishbone episode about it when I was a kid (maybe that dates me a little?)

I love the thought of a time machine being my memories, and also my dreams. The problem with perpetually living in the past or only worrying about the future, though, is that we fail to enjoy the present.

Learning to live in the present can be difficult. We want to escape using our time machines. But I think we can learn how to cherish past, present, and future by being just a little more mindful in how we spend time, what we consume, and how we design our lives.

For memories that you’d like to last or even pass on to others, its nice to have visual reminders. This holiday season, consider a personalized four-generation family tree chart complete with pictures. You can order one of these from my Etsy shop.

For help accomplishing your dreams, consider ordering my life planner, which has goal setting each month! It’s never too late to set a goal. Even if you fail, trying to set a goal to pursue your dreams on a monthly basis is far better than doing it on an annual basis for New Years Resolutions.


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