Introducing… Myself!

Welcome to EP Designs! I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Emily and I love to create things that help people love their lives. Whether it’s planners, digital art prints, products that connect people to their roots, I love it all!

My Career

When I was in college I studied music, then moved into a PhD in instructional psychology and technology. Through the years I kept a personal blog (from 2008-2017), but eventually I stopped blogging because I felt like I needed some space from the virtual world. I lost my love of connect with others online and putting myself out there. As I’ve worked and started a family I realized that one thing has been missing: writing and designing! I started my side-hustle and this blog as a way to keep my brain agile and to better connect with others.

My Values

Do you like Brene Brown? I love her. My two values that I found (my top two that she makes you choose in Dare to Lead) are Faith and Learning. Maybe some people might see those as opposing values, but I see them as so interconnected. If I ever stop learning, I will wither and die. And if I ever stop having faith, I believe I will also die (spiritually). These two pillars are my anchor to help me in my life, and bring meaning and purpose to all the work that I do.

This Blog’s Purpose

Blogging has been around for a long time now, and I want to state very clearly what this blog will NOT be about:

  • Body image or clothing
  • Having a perfectly designed home
  • Complaining about world issues
  • Talking too much about myself
  • Talking about my family’s personal stuff
  • Comparing
  • Selling you things that aren’t awesome

What this blog WILL be about is:

Welcome, my friend– I am so glad you are here!

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