An Amazingly Meaningful Family Gift: Family History Memory Game

Are you wondering what to get for children, grandchildren, parents or even grandparents this holiday season? Look no further! I have the perfect idea that can fit every budget and that’s bound to be a hit. It’s a Family History Memory Game.

No holds barred, the year that I gifted this to my parents and each of my adult siblings on Christmas morning, it was the most played-with and discussed gift I’ve ever given to anybody! It was so rewarding to give, not to mention the hours I spent creating it made me feel more connected to my roots. I still get text messages from family and pictures of them playing with the gift to this day (I think I gave them the gift about five years ago).

So what is the Family History Memory Game? It’s just like your regular memory game where you have a bunch of cards face-down and you must find the matches, only this time, the pictures are of your ancestors or family members!

You can do this the DIY way if you’re on a budget, or you can send it to Shutterfly or another service to make them for you. I no longer sell the memory game in my Etsy shop, sorry!

  • Find photos of family members or ancestors. Make sure you can see their faces close-up.
  • Learn a little bit about each person:
    • Simple: include the person’s name, dates they lived, and an interesting fact about them
    • Simpler: include the person’s name and dates they lived
    • Simplest: include the person’s name
  • Choose how you’re going to print it.
    • Use a digital media creation tool like Canva or Microsoft Word to put all the pictures on a page, then print it at the UPS store or your favorite local print store. Laminate them for a better effect!
    • Go to Shutterfly or another online website to create your memory game!


Where do I find family pictures to put in to the game?

  • Old photo albums
  • Your grandparents’ attic
  • In FamilySearch under the Memories tab
  • Online in old yearbooks (this is a personal favorite of mine)

If I have a physical photo but not a digital one, how do I make it digital?

I’m not even going to give you alternatives. You must download the Photo Scan app from Google! It is the best. Please don’t just take a picture of a picture with your phone as there will be loss of resolution, and even worse, glare from lights around you. Once you scan your photo it will be added to your phone photos and then you’ll be able to share it.

Are you looking for other family history gifts this holiday season? Consider these customizable online family tree templates items from my Etsy shop:

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