Valentine’s Woven Paper Heart Template

I’m all about the family traditions, so when I was writing about my Danish heritage and the paper hearts we like to make to put on the tree, I realized how cute a Valentines day paper heart craft would be for putting candy inside!

You can download my free Valentines Paper Heart template here (make a copy of it to your own Google Drive, or print it straight from there).

How to make Valentines Woven Paper Heart Baskets

Decide how complicated/simple you’d like your paper basket to be. The simplest baskets have 4 or 3 strips to weave. My template has a 4-strip or a 5-strip design.

  1. Print out your template onto paper. My template comes in the color pink, so you can print out one page in color if you like that shade of pink, then another page black and white, which will make for a cute pink/grey heart. Or if you have color paper, you can print the template onto colored paper (like I did for Christmas with white/red construction paper).
  2. Fold the paper along the fold line.
  3. Cut out the half-heart shapes, and along the dotted lines.
  4. Grab two different colored half-heart shapes with the same strip design.
  5. Weave your heart! Make sure that you start weaving at the top of one side. Alternate which color you see on each side.
  6. Fill your heart basket with candy or a note as a very sweet home-made Valentine.

You can watch my reel as a tutorial, but it goes pretty fast so if you need something slower, I recommend going to YouTube to find something more detailed if you need it!

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