Thanksgiving hosting bundle for a meaningful Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Are you new to hosting? Are you hosting family? Friends? Neighbors?

I remember feeling a little nervous when I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in fall of 2019. We had my in-laws, my sister, and some friends over. I gave up on the pull-apart rolls that I tried and tried to get right. I ended up going to Harmons to buy rolls, jam, and pie the day before Thanksgiving.

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner can be a lot of work. But there are always things you can outsource. Like rolls. Or pie.

But what about making sure that there’s a good feeling at the dinner table? And helping people reflect on the spirit of Thanksgiving? I think that’s what I wish I could do-over if I could host again. Sure, I loved the experience but I was overwhelmed and the last thing I was thinking about was whether we really relished in the feeling of Thanksgiving.

EP Design Thanksgiving Digital Printable Bundle for a Meaningful Thanksgiving Dinner!

That’s why I created this Thanksgiving Printable Bundle to add meaning to your Thanksgiving! It comes with five simple and beautiful instantly printable download files that look great even if you don’t have a color printer:

  • A brief history of Thanksgiving to read together
  • Guided discussion questions to help people have varied and interesting discussions about what they are thankful for
  • A menu printable that you can display for guests
  • Place name cards
  • A printable maze game for kids to play

Name Cards

Place cards make each person feel special because you thought of where they should sit at the dinner table. Just print out these cute ones and you are good to go. I remember I spent a lot of money on fancy ones at the store, only to feel bad when I threw them away when cleaning up dinner. These name cards for Thanksgiving dinner are cute and different, and you won’t feel bad throwing them away after dinner is over. Cut the cards, and then fold along the dotted line so they will stand up next to each plate.

Guided Discussion Questions

Guided discussion questions keep the conversation focused on Thanksgiving, vary the discussion a little, and keep politics and other touch subjects out of the running! There’s a question on that list that nearly everyone could feel comfortable answering, and this is especially important if you’re hosting guests that you’re less familiar with.

Brief History of Thanksgiving

The brief history of Thanksgiving is short enough to pass around the table and read, or have a designated person read aloud. It reflects on Thanksgiving’s origin, how it became a holiday and how we can honor the spirit of it. This is probably my favorite part of the bundle because I love history and connecting ourselves to it!

A Thanksgiving Kids Maze Game

The adorable maze printable will keep kids aged 5-12 entertained for even just a little while if they struggle to hang around the dinner table for very long.

Unfortunately this bundle won’t magically produce a menu complete with appetizers, sides, and main dishes, but you can print out this cute menu template, write out the menu items on it, and put it on display for your guests to see what their options are!

Sometimes as I get handed dishes at the Thanksgiving table I accidentally load up on things that I wish I hadn’t. If your guests can see a menu, then they can take note of the items they’d like to try, and others they might just sample. Less food waste is good for everyone!

I’m so excited about this Thanksgiving season, and hope you’ll enjoy this bundle to make it more meaningful. So, tell me in the comments: what are the things that make your Thanksgiving holiday meaningful?


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